Renamel Nano Plus
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Renamel Nano Plus

New Renamel NANO Plus has arrived and it is incredible!!!

Syringe of 5 grams

Cartridges of 0.25 g (10 u)



Leading the composite market for 35 years, Cosmedent knows what it takes to make the best composites. You will be amazed at how beautifully Renamel NANO Plus blends with tooth color and composite, how easy it is to place and sculpt and how beautifully it polishes to a high, long-lasting shine. For a go-to composite that you can trust to give you the best results, try new Renamel NANO Plus.


 Incredible handling - Absolutely no stick and no slump, not even when heated, amazing!
Outstanding strength and unsurpassed wear-resistance - perfect for both anterior and posterior composite restorations.
Polishes better than any nanofill/nanohybrid on the market.
Most simple shade matching available - We are the only ones that match composite to porcelain and natural tooth structure. A no-brainer!
Colors are reliable - our shades perfectly match the classic VITA shade guide on the money so you don't have to guess shades or mix colors, easy!


Renamel NANO Plus Composite has the following indications for use:
Class 1 - Class V composite dental restorations
Direct veneering of anterior teeth
Splinting repair of composite or ceramic restorations
Anterior and posterior composite restorations




Instructions for use Renamel Nano Plus

Download (767.78k)