FlexiDisc Mini

Our flexible discs give you a better polish at 1/2 the price



At almost half the price of other leading dental polishing discs, Mini FlexiDiscs are a value you can't pass up. Mini FlexiDiscs are extra thin and flexible aluminum oxide discs that give you more control and an unbeatable final polish. Mini FlexiDiscs have a small center to give you more polishing surface per disc.

1/2 the price of other leading dental finishing and polishing discs
A small 'mini' center for more polishing surface per disc
Thin, flexible and resilient
Vivid color coding saves chairtime by making grit selection easy
Great finish and polish in free margins with no damage to tissue
Can be used wet or dry with a low speed, high-torque handpiece
Aluminum Oxide

Indications for Mini FlexiDiscs dental finishing and polishing discs:
Blending marginal areas into tooth surface to create invisible margins
Contouring and finishing of curved surfaces such as labial proximal line angles
Finishing and polishing of smooth (no anatomy) labial surfaces
Contouring and finishing of edges, and shaping and finishing of incisal corners
Contouring and finishing of facial aspects of Class III restorations
Contouring and finishing of cervically involved areas
Contouring and finishing of posterior marginal ridges and lingual and buccal surfaces
FlexiDisc Grit Progression:
Coarse - Starts the finishing process by helping you contour surfaces, remove imperfections and define margins.
Medium - Completes the finish and removes small scratches
Fine – Creates a beautiful polish
Superfine – Enhances your polish to an enamel-like luster.